Champlain Centre Code of Conduct

Welcome to Champlain Centre. In order to provide a safe and pleasant experience for everyone, your cooperation with the following rules of conduct is greatly appreciated.
  1. The possession of any weapon, other than by law enforcement personnel is strictly prohibited.
  2. Fighting, harassment, rude gestures, provoking confrontations, defacing or damaging mall property, and disruptive conduct of any kind are prohibited.
  3. No loitering.
  4. No running, biking, or skating/skateboarding permitted. Heelys (shoes with wheels), skateboards, hoverboards and bicycles are not allowed in the center.
  5. Champlain Centre is a tobacco/smoke free property. The use of vaping devices is strictly prohibited.
  6. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is restricted to areas serving the same.
  7. Please dress appropriately and observe all health codes.
  8. Permission to record photos, video or audio on mall property must be given by the management office.
  9. Solicitation or distribution of literature is prohibited without permission from mall management.
  10. Overnight parking is not allowed. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed.
  11. All trash must be placed in the proper trash receptacles. Littering will not be tolerated.
Violators of the following rules may be asked to leave the property and may be subject to prosecution for violation of applicable laws and ordinances.